Friday, 17 March 2023 10:55

Bees were out and about at Paxton Pits yesterday continuing the "Spring is Coming” narrative. Our encounter was a nice distraction from the otherwise grey conditions. The river was still fairly high and fast flowing after the recent thaw but no flooding here. There were a very chilled pair of coots posing for us on the edge of a reed bed. Fortunately my pal Paul had a long lens with him allowing him to sneak up on a wiley daffodil. Paxton Pits has been created from the aggregate extraction infrastructure as it is played out and there is still an active extraction site. We had a chat with the site manager, a Glaswegian, who was checking that we were not going to wander into the working site. We were not, of course, so all was well. There is certainly plenty of extraction going on with a steady stream of trucks out and in. Often there are interesting things to see when you look up or look down like a brick from Central Whittlesea in the footpath. These were produced at Kings Dyke near Peterborough probably before 1973 when the company was sold to London Brick. Whittlesea is now spelt Whittlesey!