El Awrence

Friday, 24 March 2023 10:04

I don’t usually start a blog with a grave so time for something different. I spent the majority of the week in Dorset with Helen and Paul and on Wednesday they took me down to Moreton and Clouds Hill forever connected to T E Lawrence whose grave it is above. His body lies in Moreton Cemetery adjacent to St Nicholas Church where his funeral as held. This church was badly damaged by a bomb in WW2 and you would not know walking around it except that the church has wonderful modern windows, rather than stained glass they are etched glass which is almost impossible to capture in camera. Take my word for it, this is special. Clouds Hill is adjacent to the Tank Regiment’s Bovington Camp and the woodman’s cottage was T E Lawrence's refuge from media intrusion and a place to write, including the location where he wrote the seven pillars of wisdom. It is not posh or big but fascinating. The NT volunteers were excellent filling in little gems to the later life of Lawrence of Arabia and, unusually, the cottage has actual contents of Lawrence including his custom made reading chair. In his music room there is a painting that the artist says was inspired by Lawrence as a boy soldier in Cornwall and on the mantlepiece is a pair of candelabra provided as a retirement gift from his soldier colleagues. The immaculate brass rubbings were by Lawrence as was a collectionof his photographs and line drawings. He was quite and artist and obviously a perfectionist.The one major luxury was a spectacular bath and tucked away behind the towel rack a water heater. I’ll finish with the official 'we were there' photo. Sadly Lawrence died a short distance from Clouds Hill on his Brough Superior motorbike.