The M Shed

Friday, 31 March 2023 10:18

Away again, this time with Deborah and Tim based in Somerset. The weather was not as good this week but not really a problem. On Tuesday we went on the bus to Bristol to enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the M-Shed, a museum and gallery. Bristol has done a pretty decent job of development in the old port with a combination of galleries, eateries and apartments. M-Shed is on the dock side looking across to the city and its cathedral. As well as the tour which is featured in today's images we enjoyed the wonderful photographs in the gallery showing the wildlife photographer of the year competition highlights. The tour took us through a slightly ramshackle and very eclectic mix of exhibits that tell an interesting story of Bristol right up to date with the Thomas Coulston statue after it's recovery from the harbour. The statue will eventually be displayed in repose with suitable information panels explaining the source of his wealth alongside how he spent it in Bristol. Our tour lasted longer than expected mainly due to the high level of interest in the Coulston story raising lots of questions from our group of 10. Another famous Bristolian was Joseph Fry whose bust is in an appropriate box as he made Fry’s chocolate in Bristol. Although Frys, bought by Cadburys in the early 20th century, no longer produce in Bristol ther are interesting items from the factory like rolls of wrappers and an easter egg machine, invented by Fry’s. A lttle trivia here. The crinkly shell on some easter eggs was designed to hide cracks in the chocolate. Another thing that I was not aware of is that Douglas motorcycles were produced in Bristol and this one is "parked “ in front of the Fry’s labels alongside some chocolate moulds. As I said, pretty eclectic mix of stuff and this is just scratching the surface. The gallery is interesting and the the location on the docks is pretty good with cranes, historic tugs and the Balmoral, which is need of a bit of TLC. A feature of Bristol that I like are the terraces of coloufully painted buildings so I’ll finish with a distant view of one of these terraces.