Bonnie Scotland

Monday, 17 April 2023 10:39

Time to catch up a bit. I spent the Easter weekend in Scotland at a very happy family party and spent a pleasant Saturday in Linilithgow with my sister Anne. Here are a few pictures from Linlithgow to get started. The 15th Century “pleasure" Palace of King James 1 is now derelict but 15th centruy St Michael’s Parish Church is resplendent with its contemporary spire which was pretty controversial when added in 1964. Despite aggressive swans the loch provides a pleasant walk and fine views of the historic buildings. Apart from the market cross with its Burgh Hall and the adjacent palace and church there is not much that is particularly quaint about the town but there are nice little restaurants for a relaxed lunch, so all good. Vespas and wedding guests added a little colour to the scene. I decided to add just a few snaps from the birthday starting with my great nephew Jack making a card for cousin Alison. Great niece Rosie just took it all in her stride as did Sam the border collie. I’ll finish with the birthday girl herself and the one of a kind cake. To say that Alison likes brownies might be an understatement.