Dyrham Park on a Damp Day

Saturday, 1 April 2023 09:57

Following on from my post from Bristol yesterday here are some pictures from Dyrham Park near Bath from Wednesday. It was not exactly dry but also not terribly wet as you can see with Deborah and Tim well dressed for the weather. It is a fair distance down to the house and gardens and as Tim and I can attest it seems a bit further back up the hill. There were echos in my mind of a Billy Connolly song “Why Don’t They Come Back To Dunoon” which includes the line “it’s got hills you can walk up as the rain’s running down”. Rain adds a touch of magic to flowers by adding natural water droplets as on the primroses an daffodil. We stopped for a chat with a couple of gardeners who were putting up some natural fencing and did a bit of plant identification for us. The formal gardens looked rather fine. Mr Brathwayte, who built the house, was a lover of Delft pottery and there are quite a few tulip display pots including a couple in a tapestry covered room and one in the Delft tiled kitchen. How about a candle lit selfie with Tim and also Deborah trying on a wig. I’ll finish with a glimpse into the heated greenhouse. There was a range of citrus including what I think are tangerines.