Is This Ryanair's New Ultrabudget Service?

Sunday, 30 April 2023 09:59

I was at Old Warden yesterday morning for a wander around the Swiss Garden, fortunately early, on what was a busy Saturday. Good news for the Shuttleworth Collection. I was immediately drawn to a Boeing Stearman doing circuits and blow me there was someone on the wing. Not Ryanair just thrill seekers paying for a wild ride. The garden is always a joy with changing light and changing seasons and occasional interesting wildlife encounters like the grey heron, below, by the lake. There is always some new colour whether cherry blossom or fantastic spring colour on acer leaves. As I walked around the garden one or two others were riding the Stearman. There are some exquisite trees and the one in the photo is on the edge of the meadow. A feature of the day was the wonders of light and shade. There are other things which typify the Shuttleworth Collection and its place in the world. The Avro 504K in shot is accompanied by a lovely letter from Neil Armstrong thanking the collection for giving him a flight in this very aircraft in July 1971. It does not just attract celebrated astronauts but also can be an assembly point for historic vehicles. This time mainly Talbots. Amongst the Talbots was a wonderful Bristol 403. I’ll finish where I started with the lovely Boeing Stearman and the cheerful crowds enjoying the catering at the Runway Cafe.