Canada West Day 1 - London to Bassano (via Calgary)

Sunday, 7 May 2023 03:43

It is great to be off on a trip again, this time to Western Canada. My pal Paul Langshaw was kind enough to drop me at Heathrow T3 on a wet Coronation morning which allowed a stress-free arrival for my Westjet flight to Calgary. The great circle route clips the bottom of Greenland and the lower part of Hudson Bay and I was concerned I would not see any of it as the crew dimmed all the windows pretty much as soon as we were up. Fortunately the view of Greenland encouraged a brief control of the windows allowing for the view above. The weather was not as kind for our takeoff as you can see in my snap of an Airbus A380 below. I have included a few more aerial shots, the first making landfall north of Churchill on Hudson Bay, the second interesting reflections in my darkened window and the third on the descent into Calgary. The airport is essentially digital with arrival kiosks which seemed to work well. 25 minutes after landing I had my bags and walked along to the Hertz desk where I then spent 35 minutes queuing and then getting a different vehicle from the one requested. I am now joining the ranks of the SUV drivers with a Ford Edge a complementary upgrade and the only option. Not ideal but it has good Apple Carplay connectivity but probably will be a gas guzzler but we shall see. The drive to my lodgings for the next two nights in Bassano was very easy with almost no traffic and I am now settled in to this small prairie town. I have finished with a few snaps in Bassano including my truck! I chose not to risk a Tesla as the website only offered a short range model 3 (250km range only) which was not ideal for a major road trip. While Hertz were trying to find me a car, despite a long standing reservation, I was chatting to one of the guys behind the counter and mentioned my thoughts on their Tesla offer and he said they now have some Model 3 Long Range available but I chose to stick with my planned option. Imagine my surprise when there is a bank of Superchargers in the hotel parking lot here, actually the SubWay parking lot! Mind you I am right on the Trans Canada Highway so it is sightly unrepresentative.