Canada West Day 10 - Alternatives - Waterfalls and a Big Dam

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 04:22

Thanks to the helpful Parks Canada rangers I had some interesting things to do today starting off with a return to Blanket Creek Provincial Park where I had stretched my legs on Saturday. This time to explore, including the wonderful Sutherland Falls. Plenty of water and sharing it with a couple from Bellingham in Washington State. It was then time for a stroll along the Columbia River Trail by the upper Arrow Lake shore. The reason people appear in these photos is that this was one of the very few camp grounds that are actually open! The vibrant greens of spring growth were everywhere. Time for another waterfall, the Begbie Falls down a ridiculously narrow, twisting and switch back forestry gravel road. I could not have changed my mind anyway as there was nowhere to turn. I am glad I persevered, as I hope you will agree. My impression is that this location does not have too many visitors as the trail was steep and characterised by exposed tree roots. There is also no sign on the main highway. Back up the road to the very large Revelstoke hydroelectric dam. Very impressive but, of course, the visitor centre was closed. From the top of the hill looking down to Revelstoke there is a timber processing yard. Most of the timber would arrive on trucks but clearly some gets lost in the river. I have not seen many birds of prey so far but was delighted to see a pair of bald eagles circling over the river. I finished my sightseeing with a visit to Revelstoke’s Centennial Park, enjoying a snack by the river and stopped by the Court House. Despite this being un-preplanned it has been a lovely if hot day and I have come to appreciate the area around this railway town at a crossroads on the Trans Canada Highway.