Canada West Day 3 - Bassano Edmonton including the World's Biggest Dinosaur.

Tuesday, 9 May 2023 02:16

What a pleasant drive it was from Bassano to Edmonton over largely straight and empty roads. The scenery was predmoninantly prairie, mainly wheat with occasional dramatic drops into badlands in and around Drumheller home of the largest dinosaur in the world, apparently. Sadly there are plenty of derelictict small holdings and the one pictured was by a very dry lake. I saw a few of those from the plane into Calgary, evidence of very dry conditions. The Edmonton local farmers will be thrilled this evening as it has be lashing with rain almost since I arrived. I took a little detour south of Drunheller along a gravel road to see the old railway bridge and Atlas coal mine at East Coulee also home to the hoo doos. At Drumheller there is is a dinosaur loop trail but the loop was broken with the Bleriot Ferry out of commision so I rode out to Orkney Viewpoint and will do the north side when I come back south on Wednesday. The view was brilliant showing typical badlends topography. My last stop was at Stettler to have a look at the Prairie railway and the grain elevator and to grab some lunch. These grain elevators are characteristic of prairie states in Canada and I found another on the dinosaur loop at Drumheller. By 100km south of Edmonton clouds were building and there were occasional drops of rain which became torrential while driving into the city, encouraging me to eaat in at my downtown hotel, which was fine. The final image is from the restaurant window.