Canada West Day 5 - Off to the Rockies

Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:06

When I  plan a trip I start with a list of must visit destinations in the general area and try to fit them into a workable itinerary but there are always days that are tricky. My original plan would have had today just be a long drive, over 600 km to get from Edmonton to Waterton Lakes but the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller threw a spanner in the works. My plan was to visit there on Monday on my way to Edmonton but they are closed on a Monday so the result was a bit of a detour and 1 1/2 hours in Drumheller resulting in 675 km and a 10 hour day. Fortunately the roads are empty and the truck is comfortable. A decent, if expensive, steak and a beer awaited me here as a fine restorative. So to my post. More dinosaurs in a spectacular museum, sharing the visit with about 100 school children, who were not a problem. Alberta has one of the most varied collections of fossils on earth and the Drumheller area and the perviously visited Provincial Park have contributed a lot to the museum and paleantology as a science. I will just let you enjoy a selection of images from the museum which I hope conveys what a wonderful facility this is, from the entrance diorama, via “be afraid. be very afraid…” to the beautifully presented galleries, following the geologic time stages. How about a sabre-toothed tiger taking down a mammoth! I took the steps up to the view point where you can get the scale of the facility and its location and there was a school pary off fossil hunting to boot. As you can see, early afternoon was sunny and warm but the sunshine was not a permanent fixture with rainy squalls a regular occurence as the afternoon progressed. Strangely for all you Star Trek fans Vulcan was on my route and the Enterprise was there at the time. There was a magic moment just south of Fort Macleod when one minute the Rockies were suddenly on the horizon and I knew I was nearing my destination. I stopped at an ideally situated view point before I dropped down onto the lake at Waterton and my extremely comfortable lodgings for the next couple of nights.