Canada West Day 7 - Over the Continental Divide

Saturday, 13 May 2023 03:26

Today was essentially a day in the mountains traveling through the Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia and in the process crossing the continental divide. The time zone has now changed to Pacific Time. What a lovely name for a time zone. The day was spent pretty much in the car with a couple of stops along the way. I travelled over the Crowsnest Pass which was, as expected, a little underwhelming. There were road works along the way and the most notable was on the Kootenay Pass which had been ravaged by flood water creating a large, very large, hole in the road on the western slope resulting in some single file traffic. With so little traffic on the road, which I am feeling spoiled about, there was only a minor delay more than made up with the extra hour from the time zone change. Well here we go with some snaps, starting where I left Waterton Village and my hotel, The Kilmorey Lodge. on such a beautiful morning it was a wrench to leave. What a lovely part of the world when there are no other people there. The area around Crowsnest Pass is subject to landslips and one is considered the biggest in the world. This one is just a tiddler. There was a nice rest stop on Crowsnest Lake and this little shack looked inviting on a sunny spring day. My first proper stop was in Briitsh Columbia at Sparwood where the one-of-a-kind Titan truck is on display at a miner’s memorial. This happens to be the largest tandem axle truck ever made. This part of the rockies was developed by its mining and there are quite a few names on the memorial which in some ways remined me of the fisherman’s memorial in Gloucester Massachusettes. Next on the list was Fernie which is a quant little town surrounded by mountains. You see interesting things along the way like the two I have included. The first tells you we are in British Columbia, get a hair cut, buy some bagles, have an Italian lunch and get some weed for later all in one shopping mall. I just loved the name of the second place. I’ll finish with a couple of shots from the Kootenay Pass (5240ft) and its steep western descent and another from Nelson looking along its limb of Kootenay Lake.