Canada West Day 27 - The Yellowhead Highway

Saturday, 3 June 2023 04:01

Another highway, this time the Yellowhead, back on my plan. This highway follows the Fraser River between the Cariboo and Rocky Mountains and eventually would take you beyond Jasper to Edmonton. As you approach Jasper, and approach the provincial line into Alberta, the mountains get bigger and actually reach the biggest in Canada, Mount Robson, above. It is a shade under 4000m high meaning there are still glaciers up top. To get there was a lovely drive stopping at McBride and the Rearguard Falls. This is as far as the chinook salmon get up the Fraser River, a long way from the Pacific. McBride is a stop on the Canadian National Railway and seemed pretty well to do. As you head South East from McBride you cross the Fraser River which even this far from the ocean is impressive. As I stopped to take this picture I looked back and there were two deer crossing the highway. I did see a female moose yesterday and there were some elk between Jasper and Hinton, where I am staying. The Rearguard Falls were impressive. It is best appreciated in a movie so here is a little one. My final stop in British Columbia for this trip was at Moose Lake, the largest on the Fraser River. A young couple went to the edge with towels but a check on the water temperature convinced them just to avoid the view. My journey was a bit longer than I expected as Hinton is not even close to Jasper! Mind you the road was beautiful.