Canada West Day 28 - Jasper Day 1

Sunday, 4 June 2023 04:56

This is going to be a long post with so much that was photogenic today around Jasper. First was a trip up the Skytram to Whistler mountain. Timing was great on a busy Saturday as I had not made a reservation but slotted straight in with no delay. Timing also was great for weather and air clarity. Wow. Over the couples shoulders is Mount Robson 75km away. That is clear. The panoramic view was mighty from Mount Robson on the left to the town of Jasper on the right. I was not bold enough to plan to hike to the summit and your trips up and down were timed. It would have been a struggle but well done to those who made it. There was so much to see that just sitting and looking at each sector of the view was a pretty good option. No apology for another picture of Mount Robson on the left, yes 75km away. Looking down the Icefield Parkway (Promenade Des Glaciers) into the sun is backlit but still really clear. There are plenty of glacier fed lakes on view, a good link to my next location after a glimpse of the little gondola with 22 passengers on each trip. I took the slightly longer than advertised 5 lakes valley hike a little way down the parkway. It was very popular. It’s Canada so there must be red chairs. Not a bad view. I sat for a while here. The lakes are beautiful. I found a little friend along the way and there were lots of butterflies, like this cute little one and swallowtails that just would not sit still for a picture. At the trailhead there is a great view of Mount Edith Cavell one of the most impressive mountains in the area. If I was in any doubt what country I am in the RVs tell the story. Heading back into Jasper you pass the confluence of the Athabasca and Miette Rivers and suddenly I was on familiar ground. When mum and I stayed here in 1999 we stayed at the Tekara Lodge right by the river. I was surprised it is still there under the same name which I could not remember when planning this trip! I’ll finish with a few shots of wildlife encounters which graced the day. Elk and bighorn sheep played their part and just one more picture, taken just along from the sheep on my way back to Hinton.