Bonnie Scotland Part 1

Wednesday, 5 July 2023 12:20

It was lovely to spend time with friends and family in Scotland celebrating a big birthday and to enjoy those festivities continuing on my return down south. Here are a few photos from the weekend including a visit to the rather fine National Museum of Flight at East Fortune, near North Berwick. The headline picture could be captioned duck. Jack got into the spirit of it but Rosie in the buggy was not so sure. Although I have been on preproduction Concordes this is my first time on an airline passenger variant and indeed the first of the fleet to take paying passengers. There are plenty of interesting planes to enjoy, the majority from the jet age, including airliners to visit, like a Dan-Air Comet 4C complete with ashtrays and no seat belts! It sits nose to nose with a Vulcan famous for its operations during the Falklands war. The Fantasy Flight hanger was great fun or all of the family. The smudge in the photo is my sister Anne’s attempt at dropping a bomb on the target. Jack scored more hits but Anne and I got one each bullseye. I will follow up with some other photos from the weekend but this will do for now.