Cambridge with an iPhone

Friday, 14 July 2023 12:36

I had an enforced day in Cambridge yesterday to get the car serviced, MOT tested and to complete a recall related to the battery coolant. Phew! The long job was the flush and replace of battery coolant resulting from a potential risk of contaminant in the fluid. I hope that will not be required again. I had a little shopping planned and decided to take the bus into town and also drop into a couple of museums and grab some lunch. I chose not to take a dedicated camera and use the time to see how the camera works in my iPhone. Overall it was fine with some challenges in framing the image and it is clear that this is a suitable environment for an iPhone as well as for selfies and parties. That said, I used software to fix some noise issues and to create the look that I want from my photos but they were certainly usable straight from the phone. My two museums were the Fitzwilliam and the Museum of Zoology, always nice to visit. I’ll finish with a nice snap of my distant relatives. :-)