Mammals great and small

Tuesday, 25 July 2023 09:47

It appears I now have a resident hedgehog in the garden. Petite is an understatement but it is an explorer, wandering in and out of the garden and the neighbour’s. The garden could be a safe haven as there are no dogs and no evidence of foxes. I don’t have cat food, which seems to be a popular nourishment for hedgehogs, but suet pellets with meal worm seem to work if the starlings and blackbirds don’t get them all. :-) On the big side I met up with the Dartmoor ponies who spend their summer at the RSPB Lodge Reserve on a walk last week. They have their own collection of flies but seem to cope. It also appears that the old saying “The grass is always greener…..” applies to thistles. I’ll finish with something from the other end of the animal world and a treat, an emperor moth caterpillar.