Arriving in Ireland Day 2

Sunday, 10 September 2023 21:23

It has been a grey day with torrential rain at times but not at all cold. I charged the car at an open Tesla Supercharger in Carmarthen and took a very quiet walk around the town while the battery filled up. Nothing was open at this time on a Sunday morning and the rain held off. The castle is the headline image and here are a few more giving a sense of place. Narrow lanes and modern shopping centre intermingle. Boy did it rain on the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare but the crossing was very smooth and the boat pretty much full. The loading process was a bit bizarre. I was about the 50th car on board and about the last off! I found myself parked facing other cars. I have never seen this before. I finished the day at a nice hotel with a good pub for dinner and a bit of Rugby World cup in Kilmore Quay. I was surprised at the size and variety of the fishing fleet which helped me choose dinner. Fish and chips of course and my first Guinness of the trip. There was a slightly odd sight in the harbour. A family getting too close to a seal. No physical contact so passable behaviour.