Ireland Day 10 - The Aran Islands

Monday, 18 September 2023 21:48

I was not optimistic about the weather for a trip to the Aran Island of Inis More, “the big island”, with moderate wind and showers forecast. In fact it was accurate but not too many showers. Heading out from the Port of Galway we went through torrential rain and crashed through significant waves with the result of a few overcome by seasickness. Despite a few quick grabs for my hat the wind did not have a big effect. I chose to make a circular walk to a couple of sites close to Kiloran where we landed. And after a solid 9km I was ready for a seat to wait for the boat back. I walked for a while around the coast with a lovely young lady, Angelica, from Portugal on her first trip out of Portugal touring by public transport. Brave girl.  Fortunately her English was better than my Portuguese. There were not many walkers. The young and fit jumped on bikes, slightly older on e-bikes and the coach parties on the minibuses and horse and traps. That meant that, even though the ferry was packed, as soon as away from the port the crowds dispersed. On the return journey a couple sat next to me who were not day trippers. They had planned three nights on Inis More but with notice that there would be no sailing tomorrow (24+ mph winds and heavy rain forecast) had quickly changed plans. We had a nice chat along the way while we were not being thrown out of our seats as the boat travelled across the direction of the sizeable waves for a side trip along the Aran islands to the Cliffs of Moher. I was not tempted out of my seat for photos preferring to retain my lunch instead. Here are a few captioned photos from an excellent day in the Atlantic with the headline picture showing a typical scene, a cart horse in one of the small walled fields.

Let’s start with a peculiarly Irish form of transport, common for tourists in these parts, a horse and trap.

Rain storms were sweepng along the Galway coat leaving us bathed in sunshine

Thia gives and idea of the stone enclosures that were everywhere in this part of the island and little holiday chalets by the water.

There was a close encounter of a trap and a roller alonf one stratch of “major” road.

Beware of thr young and fit travling in a peleton

My first point of interest was St Ciaran’s Church with parts dating back over 1000 years. It was in need of the builders.

Not Indiana Jones just NcoolB

Who came first the Inca or the Aran Islanders

My highest post was to view Dun Eochia. My legs would not take all the way.

Heading back down to Kiloran I encountered this very young foal not steady on its feet. Lovely.

You are never far from religous symbolism in Ireland.

And so back to Kiloran

Here are a few snaps from my seat through the window on the boat starting with the wreck of the Plassey on Inisheer and then a couple of candits at the Cliffs of Moher