Ireland Day 7 - Dingle

Friday, 15 September 2023 20:10

Time for a final day in the Kerry peninsulas, this time Dingle. Weather report. It rained all day. Enough said. From Killarney I made a stop at Inch Strand where I encountered my first coach of the day as the passengers were being called back after a dash down the beach and then it was almost deserted. This was not my last coach of the day! The beaches today were world class in amongst the cliffs. I took a little side trip along a tiny road to see the ruins of Minard Castle and was treated to carpet of golden flowers and plenty of wet hikers. It was on to Dingle where I charged the car while taking a walk around the harbour  and into the town. It was pretty popular with a few coaches in. It is nice being able to leave the car on a charger while enjoying a bit of sightseeing. This charger was perfectly placed. Back on the road for a trip round Slea Head Road which is spectacular and completely unsuitable for coaches. This one spent about 3 minutes back and forth to get round a bend. Madness! I stopped a bizarre attraction. The ring fort was not bizarre it was the tame sheep and food pellets provided by the gate man to feed them. I was butted by this one when I did not give it enough! The ramparts are up to 7m tall. I stopped near Dunmore Head and prayed for not more coaches. A prayer not heard. The herring gull seemed more relaxed with the buses, hoping for a snack. The beaches at Dunmore head were impressive. There were even signs specifically for me. :-) The weather was at its worst above Clogher Strand and by now I was getting pretty wet. Time to head for my overnight stop at Newcastlewest via the spectacular and wild Conor Pass. That is Dingle 1300 ft below on its bay in the headline picture. There was a sudden glimpse through the murk for a final view of the Skelligs and Puffin Island from the Ring of Kerry. Over the other side the clouds where whistling up the, obviously, glaciated corrie and the scene must be incredible on a clear day. I finished my day with a charge just along the road from my hotel. This was the first time I arrived at a single charger which was occupied. A quick chat with the driver meant a short wait of 15 minutes minutes until they were fully charged, so no problem.