Ireland Day 9 - Cliffs of Moher and More

Sunday, 17 September 2023 20:37

“T’was a misty moist morning,,,,,,” Today was planned as one of the highlights of this stretch of the trip, the Cliffs of Moher, and it was enjoyable if a little crowded. The weather was constantly changing with low cloud and light showers sliding by. If you were lucky to be in the right place for the light it was OK for photography. It was a good workout with about 6km of cliff walking. I was happy with the headline image. Back to the start of the day I passed back along the front at Spanish Point and was surprised to see an almost full car park. It turns out Sunday morning is sea swimming day. Brave souls at 11ºC.Then it was off to Ennistymon for a bite of breakfast and a look at the impressive waterfall. I would suggest the water is a little peaty. Then it was the short drive to the main event. The light was kindest when I arrived and headed south first then back to the north. There are two photos taken a handful of minutes apart which illustrate the weather well. Although there were a lot of people on site, as is often the case, walk 800 metres and you are often almost alone. It is certainly worth the visit. I headed north to the Burren, a slightly bizarre volcanic landscape but stopped at Doolin where the surf was up. It is also one of the ports for trips to the Aran Islands. I’ll finish with a few photos from the Burren including one that demonstrates that plants will find a way.