Shuttleworth Vintage Day In The Sky

Wednesday, 6 September 2023 10:19

Here is a post showing some of the wonderful machines gracing the skies over Old Warden, like the SE-5 above. It is sneaking up behind the Bristol Fighter below. Sticking with this period next is a Sopwith Pup, one of my favourites, and a whoops moment for the Neiuport. Moving forward we have a Spitfire and Sea Hurricane from the collection taking us about as modern as it gets. There were a number of interesting combination displays like the Beech Staggerwing, Travelair and Wacco examples. All beauties. Another rare site was the collection’s Hawker Tomtit which has not been in the air for many years. The Travelair Mystery Ship was a new one on me.Very nice. Another in red is the classic DH-88 ‘Grosvenor House’. Another new one for me was the Fock-Wolfe ‘Stieglitz’. Another rare flyer was the lovely one-of-a-kind green and yellow Parnell Elf. Another rare sight was a joint display by two DeHavilland Dragon Rapides. They represent the birth of commercial air transport in the UK. Nine Tiger Moths in formation is a treat, performing aerial stunts like the Red Arrows in slow motion. The group includes the oldest Tiger Moth, built in 1934, still flying. In the still of the late afternoon the conditions were suitable for the very early planes like the Hawker Cygnet, English Electric Wren, Bristol Box-kite, Avro Triplane, Deperdussin and even a taxi from the oldest original aircraft in the world the Bleriot Type XI from 1910. One of the interesting visitors was a Beech 19 with tricycle landing gear. A wonderful machine and worth waiting to see it depart.