Shuttleworth Vintage Day On The Ground

Tuesday, 5 September 2023 16:31

My pal Paul Langshaw and I had an excellent day at Old Warden on Sunday for the Shuttleworth Vintage Day which combines historic vehicles and equipment and wonderful flying aircraft. This post covers the ground activities and a subsequent post will cover the aircraft in operation. When we arrived at around 9 am the mist was still hanging around making for atmospheric photos of the Polikarpov above and the Boeing Stearman below. Many of the historic vehicles were arriving about this time including a couple of classic old lorries and in the background a green Standard 8 pickup. The light was perfect for a monochrome shot of the collection’s Spitfire which would feature in the flying display. I guess the ‘dashboard’ on the De Deitrich was the latest tech in its day. There was even Stanley Steamer in attendance. I am sure they thought it would be the future of personal transport. At these events there are always a selection of traction engines and actual steam rollers. There was an excellent crowd enjoying the historic vehicle parade before lunch. There are always characters driving and riding in the vehicles and on Sunday even a 2CV was on display bringing back memories of my 2CV 6 in the 1970s. Entertainment was provided by Lissie Allsopp who has an excellent voice, singing songs from the early 20th Century. Initially we were the only ones listening enjoying the shade and a coffee. That is Paul getting in for a close-up. At days end as the shadows lengthen there is always time for us locals to hang around for some interesting photos, like the final picture of an original Deperdussin from 1910 and a replica Bristol Boxkite manufactured for the film “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”. They will feature in my post to come showing the flying. Actually it is just a selfie with me showing off my new Fedora.