Back to Old Warden

Sunday, 8 October 2023 10:21

It has been a hectic week since getting back from Ireland, lots of laundry, shopping and a music evening but I managed to get back to something normal with a visit to Old Warden for a walk around the Swiss Garden, a dash through the Shuttleworth Collection and a relaxing coffee with my pal Paul Langshaw. It is a very pleasant way to spend a mild morning. The light is always interesting in the Swiss Garden and changes through the day and throughout the year as in the image above, just catching the morning sunshine through the trees, and also the backlit tree below. You will forgive the false impression of a very wide Paul, thanks to a very wide angle lens in a small space, again with interesting light. In the grotto there were beautifully illuminated little delicate parasols and as always the lovely stained glass door. The resident peafowl seek out the shiny surfaces to view themselves and have a peck or two. The light was also great in the Engineering Hanger on a DH Puss Moth and in the collection with the Bristol Scout. You don’t see see-through wings very often at Heathrow. :-) There were a few treats with how the aircraft were placed, for instance a glance into the cockpit of a Spitfire and a fine view of the DH-88 Comet racer, Grosvenor House, one of the jewels in the collection. The 1910 original Deperdussin is also a highlight and on Friday was not surrounded by other fine machines.