Over West

Friday, 27 October 2023 10:13

I had a lovely couple of days with friends Mike and Louise around the Malvern Hills. We had a fine day out at Brookhampton with its Elizabethan house which was actually lived in until 2013. The grounds sprawl across a pleasant valley in Herefordshire with distant glimpses to Evesham on the hills on the horizon. After a look in the house and a quick lunch we spent a pleasant time walking around the valley where Odo (the dog) seemed to be in his element. We caught glimpses of the modern Manor house near the top of the valley, which is private. Of course dogs, like us, need exercise so it was ideal for Mike and I to take Odo for a couple of walks on the common where they live in Welland. It was wet but manageable. On the way to and from Welland I went through Upton on Severn with at least one road closed due to flooding. On that topic, if we had visited Brookhampton the day before we could not have made our walk due to the rain water flowing down the paths into the valley. There is me using another good weather token! I’ll finish with a portrait of Odo. Isn’t he cute?


Red or Gold Route?