A Mint of a Few Days

Sunday, 12 November 2023 09:55

Catching up again! I had a lovely few days with Tim and Debs last week including a very interesting visit to the Royal Mint near Cardiff. As an aside, you might wonder why the Royal Mint is based in this part of Wales and during the visit it became clear. The decision to move it from London to Wales was made by Jim Callaghan who was a local MP at the time. We had a very enjoyable guided tour of the manufacturing area followed by a walk through a comprehensive exhibition and a welcome snack in the cafe. After this excellent visit we stopped at Caerwent, a Roman Town, back near the Welsh side of the Severn. It is an interesting place with Roman building foundations mixed in with modern houses and a pub. A gentle stroll was a nice way to end the afternoon. The next day we stretched our legs along the coastal path in Clevedon, which is always a pleasure looking over the Bristol Channel to Newport and Cardiff which were a bit in the haze. The headline picture is a classic shadow selfie at Caerwent. At the Royal Mint there are no photos allowed in the manufacturing area, for good reason, but here are a few snaps including a very rare 1933 penny and a set of London 2012 medals, also produced here along with currency for dozens of countries around the world. It turns out that the Royal Mint is at the end of the rainbow and we were told there was around £80 million in coins in stock. The afternoon light at Caerwent emphasised the autumn colours over the Roman temple. I’ll finish with a few photos from along the front at Clevedon and the wildlife at Backwell Lake.