Too Late!

Thursday, 16 November 2023 14:07

An Autumn walk on the Embankment in Bedford is one I anticipate and is usually colourful. This year the strong winds from a few days ago have done their job of stripping leaves from the trees leaving a colourful carpet on the ground, as you can see above. Never mind. I always enjoy a stroll along the river which was as high as I have seen since floods a few years ago. It seemed that it was seniors day on the river with a couple of rowing crews looking comfortable if a little chilly. There were a few walkers including a small organised group which is always good to see. An occasional stunning tree has managed to hang onto a lot of its leaves. There was a little cleaning going on at the war memorial along with a new bench. The light was ideal for the Boer War Memorial outside the Swan Hotel and the weirs were running hard between the Embankment and the main river. I’ll finish with a view back to the town bridge which shows the semi-naked trees. Still nice though.