A Little Glimpse of Edinburgh at Christmas

Wednesday, 27 December 2023 10:03

It was a nice clear winter day yesterday and Anne and I met up with cousin Alison and Alan for a stroll around the city centre to check out the lights and attractions. The city was pretty quiet as the vast majority of the shops remained closed for Boxing Day. We walked from George Square, past our old home, down to Princes Street and George Street, returning up the Mound as the light faded and, indeed, the temperature dropped. Here are some snaps from our stroll. The headline pictures is from Castle Wynd looking over the Mound towards Princes Street. Starting below you can follow our walk starting with look up to where we grew up on the top floor above the Doctors pub. Then past Greyfriars Bobby with his now abused nose, and along Bauermeister Strasse (George 4 Bridge). The bookshops are now restaurants! A quick look at the moon over the North British hotel and then down the mound past the National Gallery and on to Princes Street into the land of the thrill seekers. Along George Street, the Dome pub was well lit up and there were more thrill rides. Back to Princes Street we passed the gold post box for Sir Chris Hoy and then headed back up the mound as the light got just about perfect for twilight photos. The final shot is looking along George 4 Bridge to the Bank of Scotland at the top of the Mound. What a nice walk it was.