Canada West Day 11 - A Nice Drive to Whistler on a Hazy Day

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 03:14

The excellent DriveBC website gave me an idea of what to expect in terms of roadworks along my route from Revelstoke to Whistler, an excellent suggested source from Martin. All of the expected roadworks were as described with the longest wait of about 12 minutes at bridge repairs at Chase, on the way to Kamloops. I was pleased to see that despite the serious flood damage at Cache Creek my overnight lodgings in a week or two looked untouched. Unfortunately the air was hazy along the way making photography difficult. A highlight was the Fraser River near Lillooet, as you can see above. Some serious water going down to the Pacific. I commented on the roadworks and I grabbed a shot through the windscreen at one with no delay. You can see that both sides of the road have been washed away leaving a manageable track between the holes. I stopped for a planned comfort stop and snack at a viewpoint looking along Kamloops Lake. Shame about the haze but check out the typical mile long train below the golf course. I was thinking that BC 99 South was potentially a great road trip but it really is not. The scenery is spectacular but the state of the road surface and the constant direction changes mean being too focused on keeping the car on the road with suspension intact to really enjoy the sights. It would be nice if there were more wayside pull-offs, as a respite, but those that are there are often worth a stop. And that gets me to Whistler where my digs are in the north village centre and it is a scenic place. I do not expect clearer air tomorrow so have finished planning my day on that basis. We shall see.