Canada West Day 12- Whistler, wrecked trains, waterfalls and a beach!

Thursday, 18 May 2023 01:42

Yesterday’s haziness to the north and east was intensified. I will not complain as the loss of contrast in mountain photos for a tourist is nothing as to the misery of the cause, that is the wildfires damaging parts of western Canada. NASA data indicates that temperatures earlier this week were as much as 12ºC higher than seasonal average. The lack of clarity in the surrounding mountains was not really a problem as I took a quirky trail early this morning to see the residual wreckage of a derailed train from 1956. 7 boxcars were not worth the effort to salvage so were dumped in the forest by the railway and have since become a visitor attraction. Someone needs to tell Google as its directs you to a disused trail rather than the proper one. The new trail does not require crossing the railroad, essentially a good thing, no? I followed this wrong trail and met others hoodwinked by Google. As the trail is not maintained it was steep and rough but gets there in the end. Like Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo it has become the place to paint, that is on the boxcars. I suspect the sign said “This is not the trail”

There is obviously some activity on the trail as I found a fresh cut cedar log still using sap. My next stop was above Alta Lake for the steep climb to Rainbow Falls. With so many bear warning signs I was startled every time I saw a dark shape in the dense forest but all were either boulders or tree stumps and as a result I am able to write this post. :-) It is always difficult to convey scale in photographs so I was pleased when two young mountain bikers arrived as I was about to leave the falls. You can see just above their heads the branch in the photo above them. A very worthwhile hike and as I descended there were a few other takers. The smoke in the air was very noticeable from this trail. Although no bears were encountered I did have two nice wildlife sightings. A lovely morning cloak butterfly and a curious squirrel. Very nice. I am aware that this is quite a long post but there was quite a bit to see and that includes Alta Lake, Whistler Village and Lost Lake. It was a full day! Alta Lake was not at all busy with a few sunbathers and a few less swimmers and paddle boarders. These were the only bears I saw today. At Lost Lake there were plenty of young people and families some swimming and many paddling. One lady was not only taking her dog for a walk but also for a swim.