Canada West Day 18- Victoria on Vancouver Island

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 05:21

I spent the day around and on the inner harbour in Victoria easily reached on foot from my slightly historic hotel in the established area of James Bay. The parliament is at the bottom of the street sitting on the harbour. After a quick breakfast I took a harbour cruise on one of the designated water taxis for 45 minutes where Adam our driver gave us an insight into the history from gold mining to capitol of British Columbia pointing out historic landmarks that helped tell the story. We did have to dodge the odd twin otter seaplane as we criss-crossed the “runway” of Victoria Harbour Airport. I actually got off at Fisherman’s Wharf and its colourful houseboats before taking the included free water taxi back to the Empress Dock. After that and a spot of lunch I walked out to Laurel Point and chilled watching the comings and goings. Never a dull moment with trimarans, sail training ships, water taxis, the occasional seaplane and a grey heron. Everywhere was quiet as it is one of the few days in the year that there were no berthed cruise ships. Yippee. A wander back passed the Lebanese memorial and the peace bell took me back past my hotel and up to Beacon Hill Park which proved a great way to end my day in Victoria. I’ll open with some houseboats at Fisherman’s Wharf and some posher ones on the other side of the harbour. next are a selection of what you encounter on the harbour. Plenty of variety. There are quite a number of bronzes around the city and I have picked two, a relaxed jack tar and a sweet homecoming which comes with its own hugging point. The parliament is an imposing building with totem poles and fountains adding interest to the immaculate grounds. Beacon Hill is, as the name suggests, a high point situated in an extensive park and had the air been clearer we could have been seeing the United States, actually closer than Vancouver. While at the summit a bald eagle graced us with its presence. As well as colourful flowers, there are giant trees, turtles and swallows too fast to catch. Robert Burns puts in an appearance on the putting green! I’ll finish with a typical residential street close to the hotel in James Bay.