Canada West Day 25 - The Sea to Sky Highway

Thursday, 1 June 2023 05:14

Time to take my final planned ferry ride of this trip returning from Vancouver Island on the Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay ferry taking me to BC-99N or more descriptively named Sea to Sky Highway. I came down this a couple of weeks ago but it is best experienced on the run to Whistler from Vancouver. Technically the headline shot in not on the Sea to Sky but is on BC-99N north of Whistler. It was overcast at Vancouver and the light was poor most of the way to Whistler. There may be a little video which will illustrate this if the technology works quickly enough, so my photos are from the ferry and from north of Whistler. It was not a day for too many stops as there was a distance to cover and a 1 hour 40 minute ferry ride (2 1/2 hour from arrival at departure port). There were never going to be many pictures, hence hoping for a usable time lapse. Let’s jump in with a couple of ferry pictures with the latter showing a gloomy skyline for Vancouver. The light was awkward at Whistler but at least the mountains were not shrouded in smoke. As the weather cleared the mountains north of Whistler were impressive and the headline shot was at Seton Lake as is the lake shot below. It was then time to head on to the village of Cache Creek and my rustic motel, the Bear Claw Lodge. A challenge presented itself as in my plan was to dine in the Lodge restaurant. Closed tonight! Fortunately there is a ranch shop with a Taco Stand a short distance away and the tacos were great as was a little ice cream to follow. I think this is called falling on your feet. The pictures at the ranch show a very different Canada, between the mountains, suddenly it looks more like northern California and I expect lots more of the same tomorrow.