Canada West Day 29 - Jasper Day 2

Monday, 5 June 2023 03:44

When I included two full days in Jasper it was to some extent to manage weather but no need as it has been another hot sunny day. As it happens it turned out to be a good plan to allow more time as I have needed to accommodate the too and from time from my digs in Hinton. Today was spent in the Maligne valley with a hike up and down Maligne Canyon and then a walk at Maligne Lake. A nice place to spend a day with lots of other people. The canyon tops out at 51m deep at bridge 2 but the headline picture is at bridge 3. The first picture below gives  hint of what bridge 2 provides. These two pictures include people, if you can find them, to illustrate the scale. In the lower part from bridge 5 the canyon is quite wide and contains a fast running shallow river. As the canyon deepens naturally the water speeds up. The trail allows you to get quite close to the cascades. Near the top of the canyon there is an overlook looking up to Jasper. Maligne Lake is dominated by glacier capped mountains and is typical of glacier fed lakes with its lovely green colour. On the road back the mountains are incredible and lead back to Medicine Lake another lovely spot. Not that the lake is anything but full. Although it has been to some extent a pain being based in Hinton there have been two positives. First it is a lovely drive there and back and second Ricky’s grill has served up great food and beer with nice staff at very fair prices. The final picture today is an example of my daily scenery.