Canada West Day 35 - Calgary biding time

Saturday, 10 June 2023 23:58

No that is not my rental although it has taken a bit of a battering along the way after just over 8,000 km. It passed check at the Hertz return. It is in fact on one of the biking/hiking trails by the Calgary winter Olympic Park on the western outskirts of the city. With the temperature in the high 20s it seems strange thinking of this is a winter sports destination when you are less than 4000 ft above sea level.  They tell me that -30ºC is not unusual in the winter. The ski jumps are all that you can see of the Olympic facilities. The trails are really more biking than hiking as you are in woodland for most of the time so not much in the way of views. I asked a couple on their mountain bikes if there were any good views of the city from the trails, answer no! Never mind it was a pleasant way to take up some of the time before my flight this evening. There were plenty of insects and this bee decided to take off as I took the picture. I drove to the north of the city to Nose Hill where there was a contre-jour view of the city and indeed a view over the airport, where I am writing this, to finish of my Western Canadian odyssey.