Ireland Day 13 - Sligo and Donegal

Thursday, 21 September 2023 20:26

It was a bit of a late start this morning as the hotel had a bizarre breakfast service that did not start till 9:00 am! Not a problem but I am usually well on the road before then and factor that into my travel plans. It was another day of heavy showers, a little further apart and with actually some glimpses of sunshine. My main visit locations were in counties Sligo and Donegal in quite a long run from Ballena to Caisliean Oir. The highlights of the day were the Mullaghmore peninsula and its castle and Slieve League cliffs further up the coast. My charging issues yesterday did not arise today with everything working as expected. The headline image is from Slieve League. As has been common I have captioned individual and groups of images.

Let’s start at Rosses Point close to Sligo. The statue represents the women left behind when men go to sea and we are deep in the heart of Yeats country with the family represented in this cylinder

This is Benbulben the most distinctive of the Donegal mountains as they create a wide Western escarpment.

On the peninsula at Mullaghmore, Castle Classiebawn stands out but there is also a lovely beach and pleasant harbour.

It is a strenuous walk to the viewing area for Slieve League and the threat of rain was there throughout the visit. I only was hit by the very edges of showers which did result in some spots on the lens. There was a reverse waterfall giving an indication of the strength of the wind. Certainly worth the €5 parking fee.

This is the Valley of Spells, an unexpected treat.