Ireland Day 18 - County Cavan Lake Country

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 18:50

I awoke in Cavan this morning with the rain hammering down. A quick check of the weather radar suggested it might last another hour or so and therefore I had a relaxed breakfast and headed out to the local spots in, almost, dry weather. Cavan sits in the southeast end of the lakes and adjacent to Lough Erne where there is a forest park at Killykeen. Before heading there for a little exercise I took a short loop north to Belturbet and Butler’s Bridge which the guide said were worth a visit. Guides can be a little misleading although Belturbet had a little going for it situated on the River Erne, Butler’s Bridge was really not much except for an interesting looking gastropub. Nothing gained and nothing lost though, except being attacked by a little spaniel. It was on a lead with an elderly lady who was struggling to control it and it jumped at the back of my leg as I went past. I felt it bump my leg but thought nothing of it until I got back to the car and felt a little pain. It had in fact bitten me. An antiseptic wipe and bandaid later I was on the road again. The dog was long gone by then so no further action. It is a small bite. It certainly means I will remember Butler’s Bridge. My walk around a peninsula in Lough Erne was mainly in the trees. It is a forest park. But with some views across the lake which looked very gentle when it was not drizzling. It was a very peaceful walk with one or two other walkers along the way. I then headed here to Slane stopping in a few little towns along the way and enjoying a splendid coffee and strawberry tart at a little patisserie in Kells. It turns out there is no place to sit down and eat in Slane on a Tuesday so, on advice from the hotel, I drove to Collon to an OK pub for fish and chips and a Guinness. I’ve learned that anything that sounds interesting on the pub menus here are bland versions of the real thing, such as curries and pasta dishes so safer to stick with simpler fare. Not a brilliant day but interesting to see some inland Ireland. The headline picture is from Killykeen forest park. This is not a river but a limb of a very crinkly edged loch. The captions that follow will guide you to the various locations, starting at Butler’s Bridge. (no dog in sight)

At Belturbet there was a nice little walk down to the river Erne and back passing the rather grand Church of the Immaculate Conception and by the river a nice piece of art created by local schoolchildren.

I imagine this place would be jumping.

Here are a few photos from Killykeen. The paths here are surfaced and the signage indicates it is popular with cyclists.

As is my preference I try to take mostly backroads and today was no different and the loch at Mullagh was an obvious stop and I just got into the car before the heavens opened.

A lovely way to spend a half hour in Kells

My digs on main street in Slane