After The Floods

Sunday, 28 January 2024 10:51

The flood waters have receded but the river remains high which suggests that there is still a bit of drainage to be done and this is certainly true in our Riverside park where the land is very soggy still. The clean-up has started around the town including in the Jubilee garden where the river left a muddy film. We are blessed with a sizeable population of mute swans on the river and they seemed to have decided to congregate by the town bridge. In town the redevelopment of the market square is underway. First step to remove the trees along the high street which have been damaging the pavement, roadway and car park. They will be replaced as well as adding another line on the other side of the car park. We need to wait 60 weeks to see what it will be like when finished, apart from the artwork on the construction materials. Along Hen Brook the fishermen will be able to get pack to their pitches.