A Couple Of Local Favourites

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 10:02

There are a couple of places that are a short drive from home which are always worth a visit. In this case the locations are Wicken Fen and its historic wooden wind pump and Wandlebury Country Park with its legendary view of Ely Cathedral over 25 km away (when the weather is clear enough). It was a chilly and, quite, blowy morning for the golfers on the Gog Magog golf course who were not concentrating on the view. There were little carpets of winter aconites and snowdrops at Wandlebury and a few lovely little groups of snowdrop blossoms. My favourite location at Wandlebury is an avenue of trees, brilliant all the year round, that leads to an old Roman road both shown below. The focal point at Wicken Fen is the historic Wind Pump where there is also a modern highly functional version. Despite it being a bit grey there were plenty of visitors on Sunday, all glad of the boardwalk. There are always textures and quirky tree art to enjoy.