An Indoor Day in Cambridge

Friday, 23 February 2024 11:59

It was a return to wet weather on Wednesday when my photo buddy Paul and I planned a day out. Cambridge ended up as the destination where we could take in a couple of museums and grab some lunch. Cambridge has something for any weather really. After a false start at the Whipple museum, we were too early, we explored the Museum of Zoology with its amazing Fin Whale before returning to the Whipple after lunch. There were plenty of families around and the occasional group of foreign visitors, combining half term with the tourist destination that it rightly is. I note that there is always time for the family portrait in the Zoology Museum. :-) As an engineer I am always fascinated by the items in the Whipple Museum looking at the precision involved in mechanical devices before everything became ones and zeros. A few cool toys are also there. A quick damp wander back to the Park and Ride bus and the day was done. I’ll finish today’s set with a picture of a photographer taking a picture of a group of photographers taking a picture of a clock.